AAC production line

The progress of construction industry not only has strict quality requirement, complete functions, but also pleasing to the eyes and no harm to health. To achieve this, we need to develop multifunctional and efficiency foam blocks and finished products, only this can meet the demand of social development. To use the new pattern of construction material and finished products can notably improve the features of construction building, enlarge the using aera of building, and improve the earthquake-proof capacity, convenient for mechanized construction and the improvement of construction efficiency, besides it can reduce the construction cost at same conditions.

Features of AAC block:
AAC means Automatic Aerated Concrete ,the blocks have below features.

1.Light weight.
The aac brick weight is usually at 500-700kg/m, only equal to 1/4-1/5 of clay brick or 1/5 of concrete brick.
2.Good heat insulation quality
The coefficient of heat conductivity is at 1/6 of common concrete. The heat insulation quality is better than the clay brick wall building with thickness of 240mm.
3.Good anti-seismic capability.
With light weight, good overall performance, less inertia force in earthquake.
4.Good processability
The aac brick has good processability and convenient and flexible for construction, which could be cut, dig, nailed, millinged, drilled.
5.With good thermostability.
Under 600℃, compression strength of the aac brick will be increased. At 600℃, the compression strength will approach its normal temperature’s. The fireproof performance reaches first grade of fire protection standard.
6.Good sound insulation.
The aac brick has many porous which will absorb the sound
It could be range from 25,000cbm to 300,000cbm yearly.
Raw materials:
cement ,quicklime, fly ash/sand, plaster, aluminum powder,water