Analysis of the concept of “no-fire brick”!

Recently, the National Development and Reform Commission of the Department of resource conservation and environmental protection in Beijing held the fire free brick product quality and market application symposium. The China building materials association commission, the ministry of construction energy conservation center, China building block association, China association of brick and tile industry, northeast architectural design institute, Beijing capital building materials company design institute, xi ‘an wall materials research and design institute, guizhou province building materials design institute, the national quality supervise center of building materials of wall material, the zhejiang province building materials product quality surveillance, baoji brick technology association and other units of experts attended the meeting.

Deputy director general of the National Development and Reform Commission resource conservation and environmental protection department, li jing said in his speech, actively promote the wall materials innovation and energy saving building, vigorously develop new wall materials, backward production technology, banning the use of solid clay brick, is an important task of energy conservation and emissions reduction, and ensure that 1.8 billion mu of cultivated land in our country does not reduce, the important measures to ensure national food security. At present, appear in the market a few “avoid burning brick” product and propaganda advertisement, take the signboard of material of new wall body, misdirect a lot of investment the enterprise that participates in production of material of new wall body and individual. Some products, by the national quality supervision department spot check, its durability, anti-freezing performance (anti-weathering performance), mechanical performance, water absorption rate and other indicators do not meet the standard requirements, to a certain extent affected the new wall material, especially the reputation of energy-saving wall material. How to achieve the safety, health and environmental protection of building materials products, popularize and apply wall materials that meet the requirements of building energy conservation design standards, and prevent the disorder of the building market, need to listen to the specific opinions and Suggestions of experts.

In view of the disordered development of “fire-free bricks”, the experts and leaders of relevant units at the meeting put forward their opinions and Suggestions on the production situation of “fire-free bricks” in this region and the hidden danger of building safety in the application process, and reached 7 points of consensus.

One is to guard against “burnt-free brick”, “burnt-free brick machine” advertising misleading propaganda. Some equipment manufacturing commercial “was”, “baking-free brick machine” in terms of product advertising, especially the “spend tens of thousands of yuan to build a brick factory, no fire, no pipe, saving soil, energy saving, recycling, a molding, lucrative, high return” propaganda, causing many farmers cheated, caused by the disputes.

Second, we must resolutely put an end to the phenomenon of destroying field bricks and black brick kilns. To ensure that China’s 1.8 billion mu of farmland is not reduced, the development of new wall materials should be based on land saving, energy saving, waste, environmental protection, green, safety as the premise, any destruction of arable land, waste of energy, destruction of land and burning bricks should be resolutely stopped.

The third is to vigorously develop green wall materials, namely, soilsaving, energy saving, waste benefit, pollution-free, improve building function, recyclable, self-insulation wall to meet the building energy saving 65% standard requirements of the wall materials.

Fourth, to ensure the safety and health of building materials. At any time should put building safety in the first place, this is a social problem that cannot be ignored, inferior “avoid burning brick” is used at building project, appear easily wall body craze, solve rise quite difficult. We should not wait for the emergence of a large number of social problems brought about by this kind of phenomenon to solve, we should be prepared for a rainy day.

Fifth, improve product standards and other technical specifications. The relevant departments should improve the design specifications and masonry specifications, and issue unified technical specifications for wall materials as soon as possible.

Sixth, strict product quality control. From the plant design, improve the market access conditions, all products entering the site to hold the relevant departments issued by the product quality inspection report. The parameters such as frost resistance, weathering resistance, dry shrinkage value, durability, mechanical properties and water absorption should conform to the standards.

Seventh, correct propaganda and guidance, and resolutely correct and ban false advertisements.

To this end, after listening to the opinions of the delegates, Li Jing put forward the following requirements. First, the spirit of the document issued by the State Council Office [2005] No. 33 “Notice of the General Office of the State Council on Further Promoting the Renovation of Wall materials and promotion of Energy-saving Buildings” should be earnestly implemented, and the development of new wall materials and building energy conservation work should be actively promoted, so as to make due contributions to national energy conservation and emission reduction. Second, the wall material industry should take a new road of industrialization. The development of new wall materials should strengthen the research from the aspects of raw materials, production technology progress and technological innovation, and transform from traditional technology to high and new technology, so as to take the road of resource-saving and environment-friendly development. The third is to clarify the concept of “no-fire brick”. From the current situation of the product, output, quality and use of the situation, we should distinguish categories, strengthen guidance. Comprehensive measures should be taken to ensure the healthy development of products that need to be encouraged and developed. Fourth, we will strengthen oversight and control and tighten market access. Quality monitoring and announcement system should be established to implement dynamic management. Fifth, give play to the role of the association, strengthen industry self-discipline. Relevant associations should organize relevant news media, newspapers and magazines to open columns, publicize correctly, set up correct guidance of public opinion, and create a good investment environment. Through this, we should actively publicize the national wall material innovation and energy-saving building policies, especially earnestly study and implement the spirit of the Document Issued by the State Office No. 33, keep close contact with the wall reform offices of all places, and actively promote the healthy development of China’s wall material innovation and energy-saving building work in accordance with the requirements of the State Council.