Concrete block brick machine production equipment and other brick machine advantages

First of all, it is more widely used in materials: fly ash, river sand, stone powder, furnace slag and construction waste slag. There is relatively no limitation in materials, which is conducive to the selection of production areas.


· Advanced in production technology, the former brick machine needs to set up a kiln for secondary sintering after the completion of production, while the current brick machine on the market does not need to set up another kiln for sintering, which is conducive to the containment of environmental pollution and speeds up the production schedule of the brick factory.

 QTY4-15 block machine

, the second is also very have an advantage in the production efficiency, can be arranged according to the demand of customers a number of brick molding, standard brick can be up to 32 pieces and other according to the size of the shape of brick can be on-demand design, as long as the shape of the mould size remains the same, and can be replaced without mold production different brick, thereby saving equipment investment, to satisfy the customer’s diversified needs.