How to deal with these faults in the production of no-fire brick machine?

1. The motor of oil pump is suppressed or turned hard, which causes the motor to burn down. The reason is that the regulating valve of the tile machine equipment (the big nut under the distributor) is too large. (It is better to gradually reduce the total pressure regulating valve until the motor is not too laborious to rotate when working normally)

2, tile machine brick production brick surface is loose, brick body fracture phenomenon, or when the upper die itself with the lower die up, the reason is the road tile machine pressure head is too low; (the head pressure is too low, cannot be brick positioning result in surface loose, should be pressed oils cylinder tubing on the corresponding pressure is big, pressure regulating valve alone in the filed of lower die gently lift the upper die wrench at the same time, makes the oils cylinder pressure to keep certain pressure, to keep brick does not rise with the mould of lower die, thereby reducing the breakage of the brick)

3. The cause of open welding or damage in various parts of the mold, balance arm and the main engine is that the pressure adjustment of the lower mold pressure is too small; (die down under the pressure regulation is too small, can’t to lock lower die, cause mould with vibrating impact force is too large, for the parts damage to different parts of the whole equipment is too large, on the condition of mould oil cylinder tubing shall be corresponding to the pressure is big, pressure regulating valve alone until the road tile machine machine vibrating force was stabilized, to reduce the breakage of the machine)

4. If the pressure regulating valve fails, the reason is that the pressure spring inside the pressure regulating valve is damaged or fails; (The pressure spring of the same type should be replaced in time)

5, road tile machine brick production if found out that the middle of the brick drum, the reason is the road tile machine press head cylinder pressure is too high, or vibrating time is too short, the upper die did not press in place; (If it is found that the damage rate of the brick is high and not in order, please pay attention to light lifting when supporting the mold, or check the humidity and ratio of aggregate. If it is too wet, the brick will be pressed out of a lot of water; if it is too dry, the brick will be deformed and cannot be produced.)

6, vibrator vibration power is insufficient, the brick cycle is long or loose brick, the reason is the road tile machine under the die pressure adjustment is too large; (The pressure adjustment of the lower die is too large, which has inhibited the vibration of the vibrator. The pressure of the pressure regulating valve corresponding to the oil pipe of the lower die cylinder should be gradually reduced until the vibration force of the machine can be fully exerted.)