Method of correctly installing hydraulic tubing of hydraulic press

Hydraulic tubing is an important pipe for the hydraulic oil flow in the hydraulic system of the hydraulic brick press, which plays an important role in the operation of the whole equipment of the hydraulic brick press. Therefore, before the brick-pressing machine is ready for operation, the installation and dredging of hydraulic tubing must be done properly. The normal operation of the hydraulic press can be guaranteed only when the tubing is firmly installed in the system. Since installing hydraulic tubing on a brick machine is a technical task, each step should be handled carefully in the following order.

1. Connect one end of the derrick to the derrick and the other end to the wire rope under the condition of using the suspension of the installation tool of the hydraulic oil pipe of the hydraulic brick press, and hang the derrick not less than 1 meter from the wellhead. In the free state, the center of the main clamp head is about 0.5 meters from the center of the wellhead.

2. Leveling operation of hydraulic oil pipe of hydraulic press. Turn the screw so that the hydraulic pipe tongs reach the horizontal position and then operate.

3. Operation function of connecting tail rope. The tail rope is connected to the derrick at one end and the tweezers at the other end. The stern line should be opposite to the operator of the hydraulic press and perpendicular to the hydraulic pipe clamp. The setting of the tail rope is to control the swing amplitude of the hydraulic pipe clamp in case of accident by adjusting the length of the tail rope, so as to ensure the safety of operators.

4. The hydraulic oil pipeline connection link of the hydraulic brick press is connected to the return oil pressure hose according to the hydraulic motor line “O” of the interface; The high pressure hose shall have a nominal diameter of more than 20 mm and the high pressure hose shall have a nominal diameter of more than 25 mm to ensure a smooth continuous installation.

Above four points is the hydraulic pressure brick machine in the installation of hydraulic tubing is the general order, the installation of the general hydraulic system tubing is the manufacturer of professional technical personnel in the production to complete the installation. According to the manufacturer installation people report experience summary in the hydraulic pressure brick machine hydraulic system pipeline installation has four points also need to pay attention to.

1. Pay attention to the pipe connection of the hydraulic press. In the installation of hydraulic oil pipe, the seamless steel pipe is used for installation except the high-pressure hose for the connection of two relative movements.

2. Pay attention to the distance between the pipes when installing the pipes of the hydraulic press. In order to prevent mutual interference and vibration of hydraulic presses, the distance between parallel or intersecting pipes and between pipes and the main body should be kept at least 10 mm.

3. Under the premise that hydraulic components can be connected, the shorter the pipe, the better, the smaller the right Angle turn is also easy to reduce pressure loss, the tubing should be firmly assembled. Nuts can be used to secure connections between pipes or to use wooden blocks, hard rubber and other MATS at moving places to reduce or eliminate vibration.

4. It is suggested to manage the connecting part of hydraulic press pipe number as far as possible to prevent confusion. For more complicated oil hydraulic system, piping and connecting parts should be numbered to prevent wrong positioning during reassembly.