Sustainable development is undoubtedly the future development direction of the brick machine

With the efforts of countless people, baking-free brick machine now than it has made a radical change, was born at the beginning of the performance index has obvious enhancement, the operating interface is more friendly, more convenient maintenance and was deeply loved by the user, the localization of heavy machinery, intellectualization and modernization, become the model of heavy industrial machinery, has a technology revolution baking-free brick machine will promote the rapid and stable development of brick machine equipment industry, we have confidence in the future.


Burnfree brick machine is built by professional research team. It is the leader of modern building materials and equipment industry in the production of permeable brick, artificial stone, kerb stone, slope protection brick, grass planting brick and other ecological brick products. And because of their capabilities, a large number of users are also known as “smart brick makers.”


Baking-free brick machine can be used sand, such as industrial slag, slag, slag as raw material to add a small amount of cement, can produce different types of kerbstone, color brick, kerbstone, lawn bricks, porous brick, special bricks, etc., applicable to paved roads, roads, squares, roads, improve the urban ecological environment, beautify the urban environment, protect water and soil erosion.


Burne-free brick equipment adopts construction waste, slag, fly ash pressing molding process, the compactness of the blank body after pressing is high, the initial strength is high. The automatic operation of distributing, pressing and discharging has been realized in the production of brick machine. The non-sintering brick produced by the non-sintering machine is formed by multi-stage pressure forming, and the gas in the raw material can be discharged smoothly in the process of multiple exhaust, so as to avoid the phenomenon of billet stratification.


After the brick machine is finished, many people will find cracks on the surface of their brick blocks. Generally speaking, the power grid is divided into different shapes, different shapes of crack problems are not the same. The most common is a clean crack that looks like a spider’s web, and there is no pattern to follow.


Sustainable development is undoubtedly the future development direction of cement brick machine, because at present the world’s natural resources are very tight, we can not overdevelop, so as not to cause adverse effects on future life. At present, low carbon life and energy saving is the main body of the current society and our pursuit of life direction, the country is also implementing the scientific concept of development, so that many enterprises must pay attention to environmental protection.