The correct operation of the fire – free brick machine is the key to reduce accidents

The correct use of the equipment is the key to ensure the production safety, this kind of mechanical equipment in the actual use, easy to occur safety accidents, opponent injury is more common. The causes of accidents are usually caused by both human factors and machine factors. Among them, the operator violated safety construction specifications, had no operational knowledge, and lacked inspection of the machine. Secondly, the equipment is accidentally caused by its own defects. Usually, there are human factors is the main factor of the fire – free brick machine safety accident. Raising people’s safety awareness is the key to reducing accidents.




Due to the severe vibration of the no-fire brick machine, it is easy for the flywheel friction belt to fall off, screws to become loose, hammer head to fall off and other accidents, resulting in safety accidents. To ensure safety, the following three points should be paid attention to when using the brick-pressing machine correctly:


1, pay attention to the maintenance, the work load and working time of the brick machine equipment is the same as other machines, it depends on the main parts of the normal work of the maintenance and maintenance. We have to wait regularly to check the machinery of the brick press. For the new type of press brick machine, color press brick machine, hydraulic press brick machine, should pay attention to check the density, may just start to use, there will be a lot of small problems, must not be careless. After using for a period of time, the number of inspections can be reduced appropriately, but periodic inspections are required. For machines with high working intensity, they should be checked regularly.


2, in order to ensure the normal use of machinery, do not delay the construction period. Remind enterprises to store spare parts that are easy to wear out. Broken parts are often a lot of work. During use, the operator should be carefully observed to find out abnormal situation in time to ensure safe operation.


3. Before using the no-bake brick machine, check carefully before using it. Non-professionals are forbidden to operate the equipment, pay attention to the operation sequence and change the operation process.


Secondly, in order to manage the brick press equipment scientifically, the brick-making machine should establish equipment management system, equipment use and maintenance system, equipment maintenance system, equipment accident management system and so on. Then there are three points to prevent mechanical damage to the brick press:


1, good equipment safety performance of the operation mechanism should be sensitive and easy to operate.


2. Necessary safety protection device shall be equipped with protective cover, railing or gate of dangerous equipment. All safety devices should be installed to avoid personal and equipment accidents. Safety devices include locking components, buffering devices and overload devices, limiting devices, pressure limiting devices, locking devices, braking devices, etc. All necessary alarm devices shall be installed.


3. Good working environment conditions shall create necessary environmental conditions for the use, installation and maintenance of the no-fire brick machine. For example, the space in which the equipment is located should not be too narrow, and the site should be clean and well-lit.


4. Strengthen the maintenance work to ensure the safety performance of the no-fire brick machine. In addition to designing and manufacturing equipment with excellent safety performance, installation, maintenance and overhaul of equipment is also very important, especially for frequently welded and transported equipment. Quality of installation and maintenance