The maintenance and maintenance method of fire – free brick machine

About the maintenance and maintenance of no-fire brick machine is an important work, but also the premise of safe production, no-fire brick machine, no-fire brick machine factory – Shandong Tianyuan intelligent machinery Co., Ltd. explained the maintenance and maintenance of no-fire brick machine.


When adding hydraulic oil, open flame should not be near to prevent fire. At the same time, the site should be clean all around, and the dust should not be stopped to ensure the cleanliness of the hydraulic oil. Can use the hydraulic oil system pressure stability and reduce the oil temperature on the viscosity of the influence, strengthen the system wear resistance and corrosion resistance to pump and hydraulic valve firm work is beneficial. Or the hydraulic oil in the brick machine can give my brick machine using hydraulic oil system, such hydraulic oil more fit the factory brick machine consumption.

Liquid in different mechanical components and the selection of different types of smooth oil. There are several guarantees to do well: to ensure that the hydraulic system has enough hydraulic oil, to ensure that the reducer gear box, triplets, linear guide slider, guide column smooth point, rack and pinion, chain to meet the requirements, abundant smooth oil.