The operation method of fire – free brick machine


Check and clean the sundries on the surface, die holes and moving parts of the rotary table of the burning-free brick machine; Then each lubrication point must add enough lubricating oil; Check that the electrical part of the no-fire brick machine has no fault and leakage of electricity; Check whether the filler concentration of the fire – free brick machine is appropriate. Check whether the connection degree of the triangle belt of the burnt-free brick machine is appropriate.

Start the motor of the brick-free machine first, and after the rotary table turns normally, start the feed motor and then feed up the barrel, open the gate of the discharge to make the material flow to the barrel of the brick-free machine, and then the brick-free machine begins to work. Note that when working normally, the material in the feeder barrel should be kept at 1/2-3/4 of its height.

When the machine is found to be running incorrectly, stop immediately to check, and eliminate the related faults. Stop feeding when the machine stops during normal operation. When the material inside the feeding machine barrel is not deep enough to fill, find the leakage plate under the barrel to pour out the remaining material from the barrel, and then close the feeding motor. When all the materials in the mold hole of the rotary table are pressed, the main motor shall be shut down and the brick waste in the mold hole shall be cleaned up.

If you stop the machine for a long time, disconnect the electrical source current. After the stop, the connection bolts, oil cups and bearings of the moving parts of the machine should be inspected for safety.