The production principle of non-burning brick machine

What is the production principle of the brick – free machine?

Unburned brick is an ideal wall material to replace clay brick. It has strong competitiveness in all kinds of wall materials. The main raw materials of unfired brick are industrial waste slag, such as fly ash, coal gangue, slag, steel slag and all kinds of waste brick and tile, stone powder, river sand, tailings, etc., the amount of which reaches more than 80%(including aggregate), from power plants, coal mines, thermal power plants, steel plants, stone plants. Other auxiliary materials for lime, cement, gypsum, additives, etc. , which can not only integrated application of industrial waste residue, management of environmental pollution, does not destroy the cultivated land and consumption baking-free brick, is also a kind of ideal instead of solid clay brick wall materials, in the actual construction, baking-free brick has the advantage of light quality, heat preservation performance is good, sound-absorbing the effect is good wait for an advantage, and has the function of filling of palisade structure and thermal insulation is widely used in construction.

Production principle of non-burning brick machine:

Fly ash, coal gangue, slag and other industrial waste slag contains high silicon oxide, alumina, iron oxide, after mixing and rolling of raw materials, fully hydrated to form silicon, aluminum type vitreous, this vitreous and hydration after the combination of calcium oxide, a chemical reaction, known as the “pozzolanic reaction” its chemical equation is as follows:

+ H2O – CaO CaO (OH) 2 + Q write

Calcium water hydrate heat

XCa (OH) 2 + XSiO2 + nH2O – XCaOSiO2H2O

XCa (OH) 2 + XAL3O2 + nH2O – XCaOAL2O3H2O

Hydrate active substance water hydrated silicon (aluminum) calcium

The hydrated silicon (aluminum) calcium in the chemical reaction is a kind of colloidal vitreous, this colloidal vitreous is not stable, but under the action of additives, with the extension of time reaction, gradually solidified, forming a high strength network structure, together with the reasonable allocation and maintenance of raw materials, thus forming the strength of autotrophic brick.


Baking-free brick’s uniqueness is not any other wall brick, with advanced scientific formula, according to certain proportion to join coagulate agent and trace chemical additive, make the grain size, temperature, mixing degree reinforce technology with advanced equipment, to the best conditions for plastic, after high pressure molding, make rapid hardening brick, time for the work, the better the results, the practicability of brick, No soaking when laying walls, neat appearance.

Compared with the traditional red brick production, it has the following characteristics:

1, waste, soil, energy saving

2. The source of raw materials is extremely extensive

3. Protected the ecological environment

4, high strength is not afraid of water, weathering resistance, corrosion resistance, frost thaw resistance