Thermal insulation block molding machine maintenance

The extrusion part of the block forming machine often breaks down due to improper material handling, which affects the production process and equipment life. If the mud is not cleaned, it will bring pressure to the parts. There are several measures to prevent the overload of the equipment:


1. Material is too dry. It is recommended to remove the mouth and head of the machine, start the machine to drain dry materials from the mud tank, and then install and run the machine, and appropriately increase the molding water within the specified scope.


2. The long shutdown makes the residual materials in the mud tank dry and hard. Not only will this be severely overloaded, it will sometimes fail to start. In order to prevent the occurrence of this situation, when the machine stops for more than 8 h, do not close the mouth water of the dead block molding machine. For the double-stage vacuum extruder, the mud in the mud cylinder on it should be properly supplied with water to keep it wet. If the machine stops for more than 2d, try to empty the mud before stopping to clean the mud cylinder.


3. Raw materials with different properties should be fully mixed and evenly digested, so that water can penetrate into the internal particles of materials, reduce surface water and improve product quality at the same time.


4. The molding water can be appropriately reduced to increase the friction between the mud layers.


5. Check all parts of the equipment frequently, check the spiral reamer, and keep the gap between the worn and the mud cylinder liner not more than 8mm.


6. The recycled waste shall be processed by stirring into the production specification of composite no-fire brick before being fed into the block forming machine, so as to avoid spiral grain caused by uneven density of the material itself or large particle objects.


7, the mud cylinder liner wear seriously so that the mud cylinder wall is too smooth, so that the mud in the mud cylinder rotation movement is too much, should repair or replace the mud cylinder liner.


The material is directly affected by the maintenance and repair of the extrusion part of the block forming machine. Do a good job in material quality treatment, so that the material into the brick machine in line with the production standards can reduce the wear of the brick machine, at the same time to do a good job in the cleaning work after production.